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Since 2010, Qtrans Language Solutions has been working to remove language barriers across the globe. We are a full-service certified Translation agency specialized in language translations for different fields and businesses. Our team consists of specialized linguists who obtain a solid professional translation background and skills. Through open communication and exceptional service, we stand today as one of the most appreciated leading companies, translating documents into 70+ languages worldwide. Our services vary from:

  • Proofreading Media
  • Marketing Translation
  • Media Subtitling
  • Document Translation
  • Human Translation
  • Medical Document Translation
  • Website Translation


We know it can be very difficult to find a trustworthy professional translator. For this reason, our main mission is to change this stereotype through Our High-Quality Translation Services. Our passion is to make your life easier and help you connect with the world while meeting deadlines within the timeline you set.


At Qtrans Language Solutions Global, our core values are the foundation for all we do. They guide our behavior and actions as a company; hence, greatly reflect on our communication and work with our clients.

  • Quick quality guarantee
  • Honesty, integrity, and justice
  • Security and confidentiality
  • Responsibility, consistency, and common sense
  • Teamwork
  • Originality


For those who want to take their business worldwide, the importance of multilingual translations goes without saying. As the translation market grows bigger every year, the industry started to not only attract professional linguists but also unscrupulous workers. As a business owner, you must understand that poorly translated documents or a project full of mistakes will harm your reputation, diminishing your credibility and hindering any marketing efforts. If a high-quality translation is your priority, Qtrans Language Solutions will be the best business partner to achieve your goals.

here is why :


We stick to a strict process to achieve high-quality translations:

A professionally translated document must convey the same content as the original text, without changing or deleting any ideas. Translation accuracy is a must, no matter the project's type or volume, including expressions, terminology, slogans, and more.

Needles to say, the translated documents must be free of any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, ensuring smooth readability. That's because any simple mistake can negatively impact the document's clarity.

It is essential to respect the objective of the source text, reflecting the same tone and feel in the translated documents. As the original text is created for a specific audience and target market, the translated documents must carry the same effect.


Since our launch in 2010, we've formed a team of linguists, translators, editors, and proofreaders. We deliver quality translations in more than 70 languages, depending on our extensive linguistic and subject matter experience. We localize your content for a certain geographical region and target audience, using their language, grammar, spelling, tone, humor, and more.

As we are keen on achieving rewarding experiences for all our clients, we take strict steps to guarantee a flawless translation process.

As soon as we understand your business, we assign the right team with subject-matter expertise and impressive qualifications. Our translators leverage their wide experience in similar projects to achieve the desired results.

Proofreading is the next step that complements the translation efforts. It includes revising and editing the final copy, comparing it with the original text, and ensuring formatting consistency.


From the moment you contact Qtrans Language Solutions, our project manager starts to learn more about your project, performs the needed analysis for the documents, and gives an estimated delivery time.

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The project manager identifies the most suitable team for your project with wide expertise in both the source and target languages. He will assign the project to a linguist, who has deep knowledge of the target industry and fluent in technical terminologies involved.

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Once the file is translated, here comes the role of our proofreaders and editors. They study the entire document, identify any grammatical, formatting, spelling, layout issues, and correct any possible mistakes.

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After a final check, the reviewed files are sent for your feedback. If you're happy with the final results, our job is done.

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Time is critical! As a professional translation company, we understand that top-quality doesn't mean error-free translation only but also respecting the project's delivery time. With strict workflows, we ensure perfect deliverables for high-volume projects and during peak periods. We make sure to deliver our projects on time, sticking to the agreed deadline.


When looking for quality translation services, definitely you keep an eye on the cost of the project. Most companies lure their audience with extremely cheap packages and in most cases; you get disappointed with their services. Balancing between good quality and affordable prices, at Qtrans Language Solutions, we promise you outstanding results coupled by value for the money.

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