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Localization is vital to deliver your software to the world.

Localizing and translating your software is not easy, and you want to make sure it pays off. Qtrans offers a full lifecycle solution to globalize your software, app, and device. We go beyond the basic translation to adjust your user’s interface and technical documentation on a cultural level just so you can easily meet your user’s expectations.

What are software internationalization and localization?

A great user experience starts with how quickly the user can comprehend and interact with your page or device. You need to prepare your app. for internationalization, which is to handle other languages and regional differences, even if it were as simple as displaying dates and numbers compatible with the user’s region. The more context and culture familiarity offered in your software – standalone components and embedded modules – the better value you offer to your audience. With more languages, you can guarantee to reach more users across the globe.

Why is it important?

Localization is a key factor in getting featured in your country and around the world. And having effective localized software means you can successfully ‘connect’ with your users in a localetone that feels native and natural to them. You need to consider software localization in the very early stage of development to guarantee internationalization, and brand equity, helping you reach a much larger target audience.

What is agile localization?

Agile localization is a set of practices that incorporate localization and translation while the software is being created. In other words, translators no longer deliver their work at the end of the development cycle. They work simultaneously on the localization changes that occur in the product at that very moment.

If implemented professionally, agile localization can have significant advantages such as consistent and predictable workflow, faster fixing of localization issues, flexibility to emerge and evolve, and increased speed-to-market.

Here are a few tips for software localization:

Qtrans has a global network of linguists that work around the clock and around the world to complete your projects in more than 70+ languages. No matter how sophisticated your project is, we can work on your volume of work and deliver within the timeframe you desire.

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