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Achieve quick translation results, combining the speed of machines and ability to handle large text volumes with the skills of experienced linguists with our Post-Editing Machine Translation Services.

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What is Post-Editing Machine Translation?

Post-Editing Machine Translation is a hybrid process that achieves skillful human-like quality for machine translations. MT post-editing is considered one of the quickest translation ways, saving much time and achieving reasonable quality as well. This process leverages the unparalleled speed of machine translations without a complete replacement for human standards for translations. It is highly effective for bulk projects that must be delivered in a short time.

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Choose Qtrans Language Solutions for MT Post-Editing

Do you need lightning-speed translation for bulk projects with a tight deadline? Do you need a more polished document better than Machine Translations alone? – At Qtrans Language Solutions, we offer MT Post-Editing services that keep you within budget and speed up turnarounds without compromising quality.

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At Qtrans Language Solutions, we have two post-editing strategies:

Light post-editing

In this process, our experts review and edit machine translations, eliminating inconvenient errors or embarrassing results. The editor ensures that the output is accurate, easy-to-understand, and conveys the right meaning of the original document. This strategy results in quick and cost-effective results.

Full post-editing

In this process, our experts check the document for possible errors, ensuring high-quality, legibility, and accuracy. Aside from these key aspects, the full post-editing process also takes into consideration other aspects, including:

  • Consistency in style and voice tone across the whole project
  • Elimination of any grammatical and spelling mistakes Appropriate usage of some idiomatic expressions
  • Right usage of technical terminology
  • Appropriate cultural approach
  • Right approach for the target market

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