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Technical Content

In this digital world, there is a growing demand for creating technical documents especially in subjects that need instructions. Technical Content is an audience-focused approach that allows effective communication through easy access to information. Both precise and time-efficient, technical content has proven its worth in the business world and is expected to expand in the next few years.

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Tips for quality technical content

Know your audience

To conduct precise technical content, you must be aware of the abbreviations, acronyms, and language used in this specific industry. You must have a deep understanding of your audience, their manners, habits, and what is unacceptable for them. Accordingly, you can craft detailed technical content that is useful, accurate, localized, and straight to the point. The technical documents should also comply with the legal and governmental requirements of the target markets.

Use an impersonal style

Never express your opinion. It's important to share information as a third party and provide a strict process.

Clear guidelines

The technical document must be simple with detailed steps to make sure that the audience can understand the process. There is no need for complicated content. Whether you go for a list of steps of orlength explanation paragraph, in the end, you must be clear and simplify the idea to achieve the desired results.

Extensive research

In-depth research is the key to solid technical content. Understand every aspect of the project, gather enough information, and put them all in an easy-to-understand format to guide the users. If your project is complex, your audience won't easily understand the procedure. As a result, you will need to gather more information and explain it in a simple way.

Detailed content

Use a precise description to explain your ideas and be straightforward with detailed steps but without boring the readers.

Simply put, a good technical writer can convert a complicated piece of information into an easy topic using easy language and a clear writing style.

Technical Content Services at Qtrans Language Solutions

At Qtrans Language Solutions, we deliver technically accurate content that is easily understood worldwide, culturally appropriate, and matches the legal standards of the target markets. Our team helps you to communicate with your audience in the simplest way possible without changing your style or requirements. Combining our long experience with world-class technology, we follow a rigorous project process to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

We provide a wide range of technical content services that serve multiple industries, ensuring top-quality in everything we do. Here are some examples of technical content services that we do:

Technical Writing

2D & 3D graphics

Multimedia content

3D procedures

AR, Mixed Reality, and VR

Technical Writing

To ensure high-quality deliverables, we follow a robust process that encompasses four phases for our technical wiring services.

Information gathering

Our subject matter experts understand the project and gather information from many sources to be aware of every single detail.


1. Study your audience
2. Design a structure and layout for the project to have a consistent look and feel
3. Divide the project into severala number of deliverables
4. Choose style guides
5. Provide a precise table of content
6. Provide a time estimate for the project

Content Creation

Our content writers start crafting the technical document based on the gathered information. Then, our proofreaders review the entire document to eliminate any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Delivery and Feedback

We share our progress with the client and wait for the feedback of the first deliverable until the end of the project.

Examples of technical writing projects

Does your project need technical writing services ?

Contact us NOW, explain your project requirements, and we will make sure to deliver incredibly crafted technical documents for a unique audience approach.

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