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Tailor your online or printed copies, including images, charts, and diagrams, and get a striking digital format with our supreme multilingual Desktop Publishing Services.

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What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing is the process of formatting documents after they've been precisely translated. This service includes transforming and adjusting the original copy, ensuring aligned text, images, charts, tables, diagrams within the document's layout. Simply put, it is the modern process of publishing newspapers, books, flyers, presentation slides, product manuals, brochures, and magazines using modern desktop publishing software.

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Choose Qtrans Language Solutions for Desktop Publishing

At Qtrans Language Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping and optimizing the digital format of the original documents. Our desktop publishers work closely with our translators, editors, graphic designers, and proofreaders to deliver the most precise version of the original text. We understand your project, study your target markets, and localize your project to be compatible with selective cultures.

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Utilizing the latest techniques and tools, we handle files ranging across a wide range of formats, including:

What do we design?









Desktop Publishing Advantages


Our editing team utilizes all the modern tools and techniques of graphics and fonts to deliver sleek print-ready documents. Using computerized software produces more accurate and professional results than its traditional counterparts.


As modern technology dominates the digital world; desktop publishing has become a widely used field to save time and effort. Everything can be done within just a few clicks from editing to restyling, without the need for ink and paper.

Our Desktop Publishing Process

At Qtrans Language Solutions, we know that even if you publish creative content, your audience isn't likely to engage if it has a clumsy presentation or unattractive layout. To ensure the absolute alignment with the demanding standards of your target audience, we implement a strict Desktop Publishing process to achieve the desired result.

Layout and Formatting

  • Our desktop publishers are proficient in all-industry software tools and image manipulation programs.
  • They cooperate with our translators to ensure ideal synchronization between both the linguistic and visual aspects of your project.
  • They adapt any design-based content, solve formatting issues, and optimize templates, no matter how complex it is.
  • Finally, they revise the whole document to ensure that the final document has the same impact as the original copy and that the designs suit the style of the copy.


In many cases, significant design work is needed when translating visual-based content. Aside from simple layout adjustment, your document may need the skills of graphic designers. Our experts can adjust your designs in whatever format you need and accurately-deliver your message, following your guidelines and business voice tone.

Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance is the final step in every executed process at Qtrans Language Solutions. Before we deliver your documents, our proofreaders embark on a meticulous editing process. Our experts:

  • Ensure the appropriate use of fonts and layouts
  • Ensure consistency across the entire document
  • Find and edit any corrupted fonts
  • Find and edit any spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors
  • Proofread the translated document and correct any wrong terminology usage
  • Ensure well-structured spacing
  • Ensure a culturally-acceptable style
  • Ensure accurate typesetting
  • Ensure sleek document layout with the translated content
  • Ensure that the final result conveys your message and matches your original text
  • Prepare your final document for printing or publishing, achieving customer satisfaction

What will you get?


Are you looking for a professional translation of your graphical or scanned document? – Contact us today, let us handle your project, and we will provide sleek Desktop Publishing services, providing results beyond your expectations. We localize text and designs too!

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