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What is Technical and Manual Translation?

Technical and Manual Translation is the process of converting complex technological documents from one language to different ones. These documents usually include guidelines and instructions for installation, operation, usage, or maintenance of equipment, machines, or systems.

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Choose Qtrans Language Solutions for Technical and Manual Translation

Do you need end-to-end Technical and Manual Translation services? – At Qtrans Language Solutions, we offer global tech support solutions no matter your industry or technical documentation. Technical Translation is one of the fields where our experience is unparalleled.

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Here are some examples of technical documents that we translate

Our Edge

Field Expertise

At Qtrans Language Solutions, we understand your project and implement the right strategy that meets your business requirements and goals. No one can perfectly-translate your technical document more than a professional linguist who has vast expertise in your field. And, we have a dedicated team of translators with technical experience across all branches of technology.

Document formats

We can handle documents in any format from MS Word and Excel to PowerPoint and more of complex software extensions. We support other format types, including Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Auto Desk, and InDesign. Besides, we follow the right strategies to handle drawings, images, flowcharts, or diagrams that may be included in the technical manual. At Qtrans Language Solutions, we ensure sleek technical manual translations, following top-quality assurance measures.

Terminology Management

Do you have your own business glossary of terms? – If not, have no worries, we have an experienced team responsible for terminology mining to extract the relevant terms to your industry after studying your target market and audience. At Qtrans Language Solutions, our linguists have asolid background in your business industry, following the right terminology.

On-time delivery

At Qtrans Language Solutions, we understand the importance of timing and punctual deliveries. We are committed to delivering incredibly-precise results on time even during peak times or for tight deadlines according to projects’ specs and requirements.

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Contact us today, ask for our technical translation services team, and we will make sure to deliver the best value for your technical translation project. Whatever the technical translation type, we've got you covered!

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