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We are committed to delivering flawless translations, eliminating any possible mistakes with deep parameters of testing and quality assurance.

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At Qtrans Language Solutions, we have an experienced team that will polish your document, eliminating any errors or minimal mistakes. We understand that any error can confuse your audience, setting an unprofessional image about the content owner. Also, a document packed with typos and contextual inconsistencies will jolt your readers out of the real meaning.

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At Qtrans Language Solutions, quality assurance is our edge. Our quality assurance procedure allows delivering excellent translations, always improving our overall quality. We assign experienced translators, who are native speakers of the target language, having deep knowledge in the same subject matter. As we believe that translation quality assurance is a key component of every project, we provide three levels of quality review to achieve the best possible results.

Quality is subjective, so, it's difficult to set standard measures to identify quality assurance in Translation services. Here is how translation quality assurance works in Qtrans Language Solutions:


Because even great translators can make mistakes, quality assurance is a critical human-driven part that we can't surpass. Upon implementing the special requirements of the project, the document is sent to an experienced editor to fine comb through the entire text. Aside from finding errors, our editor goes through the source document to make sure that the translated text has the same meaning as the original one.


At Qtrans Language Solutions, we have experienced reviewers that give meaningful feedbacks about translated documents. This step includes:

  • Specifying any errors (minor, major, and critical) and putting comments on these points
  • Going through the whole document, reviewing the document in sort of categories (accuracy, terminology, consistency, language, and localization)
  • Define the document's criteria whether it's a pass or fail


We're not done yet! Our experienced proofreaders implement a final check to ensure that nothing is missing. This is the last step, in which our proofreader oversees the whole project in search of grammar, punctuation, or terminology mistakes. If there's something off with the document, the project manager is notified to maintain the project's quality assurance.

Whew! Finally, we are here! We finalize the project and send it to the client to review the translated text. Clients provide their feedbacks and may ask for improvements. At Qtrans Language Solutions, we adopt a rigorous quality assurance process to maintain high-quality and deliver an error-free project that matches clients' goals.


It is time you have some peace of mind, knowing that your project is in good hands. Contact us today, let our experts review your document, and we will polish your document to perfection.

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