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Qtrans is a prominent figure in the media transcription market, transcribing 70+ languages worldwide. We obtain a large language set, quick turnaround time, plenty of experience, and most importantly, protect the confidentiality and safety of our client’s data.

Our transcription services are divided into two:


We transcribe word for word without any modifications. Our clients in the medical sector usually request this service.


We summarize the recording and remove any unnecessary information.

With our high-standard services, you can guarantee quick and accurate transcription of any of your media recordings in your desired format. Whether it’s an interview, online conference or webinar, market research, legal, medical, audio, video, or even a music recording, our team of experts will convert the spoken language into text, and can also translate it from most common to very rare languages.


No matter how high is your volume of work, our professional translators are fully trained to provide you with the quickest and most accurate subtitles in a flash and at a global scale. Be it for media applications, television, or any format, we are the best in the market to translate and localize your content for anything you want to broadcast around the world.

Our global network of translators works seven days a week, around the clock, to market your content and hit all your targets with the right flare, style, and accuracy. We offer a wide number of languages to ‘connect’ you with the world.


Our captioning services make sure you fully connect with a large audience with hearing deficits or an audience who are watching in noisy areas. We provide professional quality captions that include the spoken word, identification of speakers, descriptions of sound effects, indications of tone voices, and denotations of music.

We aim to reach the largest number of viewers possible, conveying your important messages while having a tremendous impact on the viewer’s experience.

We caption 70+ languages for broadcasters, producers, online video makers, companies, and individuals across the globe. At Qtrans, we try our very best to ensure the content is fully accessible and intelligible to all audiences.


Contact us today, let us handle your project, and we will provide sleek Media Language services, providing results beyond your expectations. We localize text and designs too!

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