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Translation Services for Legal Documents – When do Firms need them?

When reading a legal document, it will be difficult to understand the context despite being in your native language. Someone who has deep knowledge of the subject matter can only understand the legal narrative. But, this legal expert isn't necessarily fluent in the language and legal standardsof the target country. As we live in a global world, law firms don’t have the luxury of ignoring legal translations anymore.

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What is Legal Translation?

Legal Translation is the process of converting legal documents into other languages. This process encompasses a wide spectrum of documents, including letters of credit, patents, contracts, legal correspondence, and more. For this reason, experts state that legal translation services affect people from all walks of life.

Examples of some activities that require Legal Translation

Why is professional Legal Translation important?

Legal translation is a complex field, where one minor mistake can risk people's lives, cause legal problems, or hold-ups for your company. One mistranslated word can affect someone's livelihood or life. In this sensitive field, every single word counts and you can't afford the consequences.

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Localization in Legal Documents

Legal documents don't need accurate translation only, but the need for localization is highly important. Localization refers to the process of adapting the document content to the cultural nuances of the target country. One term or slogan can be successful in some countries but offensive in others. You need to make sure that your content respects the target culture and doesn't seem awkward overseas.

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Why Qtrans Language Solutions?

Some documents that we translate

Real estate files
Insurance policies
Sales contracts
Trademarks and copyrights
Business forms
Legal reports
Immigration documents

Foreign applications

Do you need accurate translation and localization for your legal project?

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