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What is Patent Translation?

Patent Translation is the process of converting legal documentation into other languages. It is considered one of the most demanding fields of translation nowadays. Considering its complexity and technicalities, Patent Translation requires a deep understanding of legal terminology and a unique writing style.

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Our services include but not limited to:

Why do you need professional Patent Translation?

Idea theft

Inaccurate information

Huge delay

Financial loss

Higher expenses

Legal consequences

Inability to receive patent protection

Being well-versed in the relevant processes and details, our team saves you from the hassle of poor patent translations. We hone in on the details, avoiding any possible errors, improving quality, and achieving quick turnarounds for clients.

Choose Qtrans Language Solutions for Patent Translation

Error-free documents

We ensure that your documents are accurate and error-free. Patent Translation is complex, but we do appreciate a thrilling challenge. We exert efforts to obtain sleek results and avoid the risks of not obtaining Intellectual Propertyprotection.

Fast results

With limited time, you can't afford poor translation or any waste of time. Both accurate and fast, our experts are determined to provide the best possible results in the shortest period of time.

High-quality content

Our team of experts makes sure to deliver flawless patent translation, saving much time and effort. With certified patent translators, no more worries about inadequate translations or rookie errors.

No delays in obtaining a patent

It is critical to hire a professional translation company to avoid any possible errors, delays, or mistranslations. With robust quality control, we translate patents from/to any language, delivering high-quality documentation.

Our Edge

Native Human Translators

To ensure absolute authenticity, the translator will be a native speaker of the tongue being translated to. Whatever the chosen language, we have a wide network of skilled translators that are ready to deliver ideal results.

Qualified team

High-quality is our specialty and translation is our profession! No need to worry as the translator working on your project is a highly-skilled, trained, and qualified linguist.

Patent experts

Our experts have vast knowledge in the patent industry, along with its details, scientific terms, and phraseology to ensure consistent translation.

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