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Modern technology has been vigorously changing the face of the translation industry. A wide range of technologies has been making life easier for translators, project managers, and clients. Ourefficient smart tools allow content to be translated faster and at a lowcost.

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What is a machine Translations (MT)?

Artificial intelligence. With MT, you can automatically translate content, on the spot, from one language to another. You can also translate large swathes portions of text in a very short time.

Qtrans can improve your machine translation engine through training. We want to help you usethe right engine for your project. We do this by training your engine with the terminology and sentences used in the training material, helping us raise the quality of the machine translation.

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With our machine translation tools, you can guarantee the following:

Shorten time to market: machine translation engines can easily and quickly translate large amounts of user-generated content. Without a doubt, it is faster. For example, MT can translate and review client reviews, online comments, and social media posts. However, human translators will need to follow up just to make sure of its complete accuracy.

When should you use Machine Translation?

You should use MT when you only want to convey the general meaning, for example, social media updates, manuals, presentations, etc. Applying translation memories will train your MT to remember your key terms. From there, it will be well-equipped to translate web content and pages.

What about professional translation? When should you use it?

Professional translation is particularly used when the quality of translation is extremely necessary, such as contracts, annual reports, medical and legal documentation, press releases, etc.

Qtrans offers the best-in-class translation services and we want to assure you the highest quality of MT accuracy. That said, our team of experts, who have extensive experience in their specialized fields, are highly qualified to train your machine engines in any language you want and at any time throughout the week.

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