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We deliver outstanding Legal Translation Services, considering precision, confidentiality, and compliance in every document.

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What is Legal Translation?

Legal Translation is the process of translating documents used for legal purposes or regulates legal relationships into different target languages. This is a sort of translation that considers three aspects, which are legal theory, translation theory, and language theory.

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We provide full-service Legal Translations with high security, unmatched precision, and small project management. We strive to match the style and formality of the translated document to the original, ensuring compliance with the target countries.

Here are some examples of what we can translate:

Choose Qtrans Language Solutions for Legal Translation

At Qtrans Language Solutions, we combine the correct use of style, formulation preciseness, 100% content authenticity, and special legal requirements to deliver a perfect translation document. We understand that high-quality translation doesn’t involve good command of language only, but also the right amount of legal expertise.

As additional complexity of Legal Translation is associated with the terminology, we have a fairly excellent knowledge of the legal world, achieving strict unity and unambiguity in the implemented project.

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